We take the data beyond the numbers!

We make sense of your brand information and present it in a friendly and useful way.

Fold Warroom

We make your data a profitable product. We sort your data and tell you in a simple way so that you can operate effectively.

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Know the market behavior

We provide reports specialized and divided per industry, allowing our customers to understand the market behavior in depth. Discover the practices of your sector and develop strategies with specific information about your field in the digital world.


Why you need Reports?


Your information is there, we simplify it

We are a team of data experts, in the reports we simplify all the information extracted and you receive it as affable as possible.


We filter the information by objectives

The digital universe has opened the doors to an unimaginable amount of data, we help you to filter it and extract only the one that is useful for your business objectives.


We give meaning to the numbers

Let's tell you the story of your brand, how your customers perceive you, what your community expects, we give meaning to the data you are generating.

We design our reports to help you achieve your goals

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Listen to your community

Know your community, how it has grown or decreased, where they are and who follows you.


Internal and external diagnosis

Brand health

So choose unique or periodicals reports, we help you recognize the status of your brand, your relationship with users and online reputation.


We show you what your competition is doing so that you learn from their mistakes, make improvements to their successes and drive in the right way.

Detailed follow up

Trends Identification

Know the topics of the moment and how the conversations move around them. Start generating valuable content with topics of interest to your community.

Event Monitoring

Do you have an event or are there any that you want to monitor? We track it down and give you an X-ray of it.

Background Ovale

Social listening is a big step, but acting is the key to success!

Metrics Price

Give your strategies the value of the analysis of our experts. We are people interpreting your information to give it a human sense.